Punishment 朝潮ちゃん達にマイクロビキニ着てもらう本 – Kantai Collection Doctor

Punishment 朝潮ちゃん達にマイクロビキニ着てもらう本 - Kantai Collection Doctor

That next morning was Friday morning, I told mom that Thursday morning next week we were off for prep day, and she checked her calendar saying hum, you’re right, what is prep day?
I said it’s so the teachers can get all their crap together for graduation and all, so they have to work it but we get it off, she says strange they don’t let it be on a Friday, I said you’re tell me, we all said the same thing but they wanted Friday so that’s that. [Shinenkan (Toki)] Aru Oyako No Hanashi ~Shoujo… I’m Dave, or David when mom yells out and I’m in trouble for something, I’m 17 years old, a senior in high school and graduating this summer in which I plan on going to out university to become an engineer in either architectural or mechanical field, haven’t yet decided.

Hentai: (C100) [MtU] 朝潮ちゃん達にマイクロビキニ着てもらう本 (Kantai Collection -KanColle-) [Chinese] [猫岛汉化组]

朝潮ちゃん達にマイクロビキニ着てもらう本 1朝潮ちゃん達にマイクロビキニ着てもらう本 2朝潮ちゃん達にマイクロビキニ着てもらう本 3朝潮ちゃん達にマイクロビキニ着てもらう本 4朝潮ちゃん達にマイクロビキニ着てもらう本 5朝潮ちゃん達にマイクロビキニ着てもらう本 6朝潮ちゃん達にマイクロビキニ着てもらう本 7朝潮ちゃん達にマイクロビキニ着てもらう本 8朝潮ちゃん達にマイクロビキニ着てもらう本 9朝潮ちゃん達にマイクロビキニ着てもらう本 10朝潮ちゃん達にマイクロビキニ着てもらう本 11朝潮ちゃん達にマイクロビキニ着てもらう本 12朝潮ちゃん達にマイクロビキニ着てもらう本 13

(C100) [MtU]朝潮ちゃん達にマイクロビキニ着てもらう本(艦隊これくしょん -艦これ-) [中国翻訳]

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