[Kyockchokyock (Kyockcho)] Tohsaka Shimai Ryoujoku -Rin Hen- (Fate/stay Night) [Digital]

[Kyockchokyock (Kyockcho)] Tohsaka Shimai Ryoujoku -Rin Hen- (Fate/stay Night) [Digital]

One day Jeff came to me and said hey I am having a party at my place to night nothing but friends, drinks and no stress it might help take your mind off everything what do you say Mel??
Yeah I’ll be there I replied, I turned up we all talked and drank than we started to play a party game it was kind of like truth or dare you picked two people and dare them perform a sexual act on the other under a blanket for a set period of time, Jeff kept pushing me to the limit with every dare, so within hour and a half a had sucked fucked licked fingered and made out with ever guy in girl at the party, admit Jeff you lose, I always win I laughed, no I bet you wouldn’t let buddy fuck you, Buddy was Jeff’s big muscular bull massive cross and was one really big dog, BIG IN ALL AREAS ok than I will I said nervously, because I thought Jeff wouldn’t be able to stand the thought of his dog fuck the same girl that he fucks and Jeff would be down BOY WAS I EVER WRONG, your on Jeff yelled with an evil grin as he open the back door, strip he yelled at me so I striped my cloths off and sat on the lounge naked in front of all my friends, first Jeff brought in the bitch sasher and, he pushed me down on the lounger and grabbed me by my hips and drag me forwards so back was flat on the seat part of the lounge, command his mates to help him, they pick the bitch up and rubbed her pussy all over my stomach thighs and pussy, I looked down trying to work out what they were doing and that I saw blood smeared all over my stomach thigh and pussy and thought oh my god I am actually going to have to fuck this massive dog, I’ve fucked many, many guys in the past it can’t be any different can it? I thought to my self they put the bitch outside ad Jeff yelled buddy in he came, he came straight over to me and sniffed and lick at the blood and than shoved his head down to my pussy and began licking me his tongue was so long and he lapped at my lips and clit, at first I was like oh yuck there is a dog eating me out but than relaxed and I could feel my pussy getting really wet, it was running down my thigh and onto the floor everyone cheer and laughed, than I heard Jeff say to his mate Buddy’s going to fuck her apart, sasher been in heat for the last three days and I’ve had her locked in a cage, he will fuck the ass off this slut, I just closed my eyes and enjoyed it, thinking to myself I maybe a slut but buddy is three times the man than you will ever be. Hooker Nyotaika No Wana Ni Ochiru Mahou Kenshi .

Hentai: [Kyockchokyock (Kyockcho)] Tohsaka Shimai Ryoujoku -Rin Hen- (Fate/stay night) [Digital]

Tohsaka Shimai Ryoujoku 1Tohsaka Shimai Ryoujoku 2Tohsaka Shimai Ryoujoku 3Tohsaka Shimai Ryoujoku 4Tohsaka Shimai Ryoujoku 5Tohsaka Shimai Ryoujoku 6Tohsaka Shimai Ryoujoku 7Tohsaka Shimai Ryoujoku 8Tohsaka Shimai Ryoujoku 9Tohsaka Shimai Ryoujoku 10Tohsaka Shimai Ryoujoku 11Tohsaka Shimai Ryoujoku 12Tohsaka Shimai Ryoujoku 13Tohsaka Shimai Ryoujoku 14Tohsaka Shimai Ryoujoku 15Tohsaka Shimai Ryoujoku 16Tohsaka Shimai Ryoujoku 17Tohsaka Shimai Ryoujoku 18Tohsaka Shimai Ryoujoku 19Tohsaka Shimai Ryoujoku 20Tohsaka Shimai Ryoujoku 21Tohsaka Shimai Ryoujoku 22

[きょくちょ局 (きょくちょ)]遠坂姉妹凌辱-凛編- (Fate/stay night) [DL版]

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