(CSP6) [Ohoshisamadou (GEKO)] Kusurizuke Idol μ's -Honoka- (Love Live!) [English] [MintVoid]

(CSP6) [Ohoshisamadou (GEKO)] Kusurizuke Idol μ's -Honoka- (Love Live!) [English] [MintVoid]

I must have drifted off, as the next thing I knew was Jan sucking my cock, no way could I get hard again yet, but boy was it nice, I moved her over so I could eat her pussy again, I tasted my cum in her, at first she pulled away, then I held her firm and told her to push my cum out, she did, then another orgasm hit her, and she quirted a small amount this time, but it shot over my face, she started to apologize, I told her not to worry, I love it all. It took awhile before we spoke, but Jan told me she loved anal, but wasn’t sure of course if I did, so she had prepared herself earlier today just in case, as she knew she wanted to fuck, and seeing my actions last week knew I was keen too.

Hentai: (CSP6) [Ohoshisamadou (GEKO)] Kusurizuke Idol μ's -Honoka- (Love Live!) [English] [MintVoid]

Kusurizuke Idol μ's 1Kusurizuke Idol μ's 2Kusurizuke Idol μ's 3Kusurizuke Idol μ's 4Kusurizuke Idol μ's 5Kusurizuke Idol μ's 6Kusurizuke Idol μ's 7Kusurizuke Idol μ's 8Kusurizuke Idol μ's 9Kusurizuke Idol μ's 10Kusurizuke Idol μ's 11Kusurizuke Idol μ's 12Kusurizuke Idol μ's 13Kusurizuke Idol μ's 14

(CSP6) [おほしさま堂 (GEKO)]薬漬けアイドルμ's-穂乃果- (ラブライブ!) [英訳]

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