First Time Lilamon To Icha Love Seiseikatsu – Digimon

First Time Lilamon To Icha Love Seiseikatsu - Digimon

With no reply yet I wonder if a smile was framed,
by a naughty pup known as “Jared” by name,
he was the biggest flirt, and he had an ego too,
he'd write poems in facebook messages and send to you,
which is nice, but sometimes he could be a real jerk!

So one Autumn night several girls got together,
real witches they were, with plans hatched together,
involving some cuffs, a leash and collar made of leather!
they kept it a secret, for so long, until that very night,
little did Jared know that he would get it now alright!

So while walking along park path late one Halloween night,
while listening to the frog chirps amidst the windy quiet,
his vampire mistress lay waiting completely hidden out of sight,
then all of a sudden she sprang up swiftly and did suddenly bite,
the “hero” fell down, with no chance to resist or put up a fight!

When awakened to discover unto her bed, as cuffed & collared male!
he then whimpered and cried being so scared at first of her spell,
so she commanded he look into her eyes which held hypnotic mist which did ensorcel,
she scratched his ears so lovingly and he relaxed further with each and every exhale,
she smiled at this fact and passed a Wand over him magically growing forth a Tail!

Her eyes grew wide, and an excitement did then rise, fur was sprouting from his human hide,
it seemed that her witchy ways were working wonders certainly alright,
so with a big grin, and fur under his chin, she teased him all night,
making him groan and moan under the full gibbous moonlight,
stopping her teasing only to every now and then taste and bite!

He now was her puppy, and she would own and collect his very soul,
he would do anything she wanted, and this he vocalized to let her know,
so vampire mistress suggest her puppy begin at her feet and ankles; licking oh so slow,
taking much time to kiss her pretty face and lovely hands and beautiful belly too,
though warned that at the legs past her knees he was not allowed to further go,

he squealed, barked, whimpered and whined, hoping that these cries might change her mind,
he wanted to bury his face in her altar and dine, tasting her pussy nectar and licking her from behind,
but vampire mistress would just tug on his collar, his desires binding him and making him holler in binds,
she would giggle with glee, at sight of her puppy, she knew with certainty, that he was hers for eternity,
and so he gave in, to worshipping her ass, he spread her cheeks and licked her anus slow and then fast!

at first she gasped and then let out a long and naughty laugh,
feeling puppy's wet pink tongue sliding up and down her ass crack,
mmmmmm, puppyslut blissfully vibrated, no longer thinking about his swollen ballsack,

his furry face between her and the sheets,
now served as the most enjoyable seat,
it was vampire mistresses' throne upon which he now worship her meat,

but mistress could not resist, she soon needed yet more,
so she brought him lower with a tugging of his leashed collar,

bringing her puppy closer and closer,
she OOH'ed with delight, and smiled with pleasure,
it seems that her puppy had found her pearly treasure,

and so he bathed her with love,
like a good pet doth,
sending his mistress to a place so high above!

and then the bomb hit,
she orgasmed as puppy massaged her clit,
puppyslut's furry face was glistening wet with juices from her slit,
and he was without a doubt loving it,

without need for command, he just kept lapping away,
never ceasing a second or leaving the fray,
pup mistress clenching her fist around his chain,
as loads of endorphins were released into her brain,

Her pup's ceaseless licking and lapping continued into the morning,
forming his mistress a love spot on the crotch of his jeans, he was SO horny,
she saw this and began to crave the essence of his soul, the look in her eyes gave him warning,
her lust accelerating and churning, the desires in her heart burning,
for this seed she was craving and yearning. Show more .

Hentai: (COMIC1☆12) [8cm (Kirishima Ayu)] Lilamon to Icha Love Seiseikatsu (EVOLUTION!) (Digimon) [Chinese] [不咕鸟汉化组]

Lilamon to Icha Love Seiseikatsu 1Lilamon to Icha Love Seiseikatsu 2Lilamon to Icha Love Seiseikatsu 3Lilamon to Icha Love Seiseikatsu 4Lilamon to Icha Love Seiseikatsu 5Lilamon to Icha Love Seiseikatsu 6Lilamon to Icha Love Seiseikatsu 7Lilamon to Icha Love Seiseikatsu 8Lilamon to Icha Love Seiseikatsu 9Lilamon to Icha Love Seiseikatsu 10

(COMIC1☆12) [8cm (霧島鮎)]ライラモンとイチャラブ性生活(EVOLUTION!) (デジモン) [中国翻訳]

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