(C96) [CREAYUS (Rangetsu)] Ultramarine Noise (CODE GEASS: Lelouch Of The Rebellion)

(C96) [CREAYUS (Rangetsu)] Ultramarine Noise (CODE GEASS: Lelouch Of The Rebellion)

We convinced him to trim his nails, let his hair grow; he had a feminist streak and found it appealing. My mother wasn't a complete moron but she wasn't the smartest cookie either; she figured, having a son by a man who had power and resources in his veins made sense.

Hentai: (C96) [CREAYUS (Rangetsu)] Ultramarine Noise (CODE GEASS: Lelouch of the Rebellion)

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(C96) [CREAYUS (嵐月)]Ultramarine Noise(コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュ)

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