Amateur Porn Free Renka-sama, Shitsurei Itashimasu!! – Assault Lily Humiliation Pov

Amateur Porn Free Renka-sama, Shitsurei Itashimasu!! - Assault Lily Humiliation Pov

Billy surveyed the communal shower for a second trying to make sure that none of the dreaded Bros were present, and when he was sure that the coast was clear, he slipped under the first available head and quickly began soaping himself!!! Billy had a problem that was common in every large prison in the country, he was considered a pretty boy, one that the rough trade just loved to use and abuse until his asshole was bloody and his mouth was stretched to the limit!!! He had a guardian angel so to speak, but Big Vince was spending two weeks in the hole, and if the Bros caught him alone they’d have him for breakfast!!! He was just about to make a break for the dressing area when out of nowhere two Bros sauntered into the room, and after seeing that Big Vince was nowhere in sight they quickly grabbed the helpless Billy, dragged him into the corner, and began fucking him in his lily white mouth!!! The two powerful black men had immense peckers that Billy could barely get his mouth around, but it would do him little good to scream out because the prison was really run by the gangs and no guard would take a chance getting in the middle of a little “friendly” fucking a few of the boys were having with worthless little slut like Billy!!! While at least ten other cons showered not more than twenty feet from where they were standing, Billy was now being leaned against the wall with his legs spread wide apart while his asshole was being brutally sodomized by one of the largest cocks in the entire penitentiary!!! Tears began streaming down his cheeks as the two hung studs had their way with him in the most vile ways imaginable while everyone else in the shower room was just thankful they hadn’t picked on one of them!!! After they’d had their way with him, they gave him a kick in the ass that sent him sprawling on the slick tile floor with the warning that the next time they’d fuck him to death!!!

A week later when Big Vince was released from solitary, and he was stunned to find his bitch in such bad shape, and while he gently sucked the poor boy’s pecker he vowed to get even with the scum that had perpetrated such brutality on a helpless young white boy!!! For Billy, having Vince back in their cell was more than just having his protector return, it was also having his lover of over two years retaking his place in their bed!!! For the first week Billy wouldn’t let Vince’s big cock out of his sight, either it was in his hand, asshole, or mouth, and while Vince was a little put out with all the attention, he generally handled it with good humor and let his bitch have his way with his big piece of cock meat!!! “Mmmmm,” Billy sighed while cupping Vince’s tight balls and licking the smooth shiny head of his hard dick, “I really missed my big pecker, is it okay if I suck it off!?!” Vince had already cum twice in the past three hours, but seeing how hungry the little bitch was for his seed he merely nodded his head and let Billy fill his mouth with his life giving cum!!! Twenty minute later when there was lights out, Billy settled down between Vince’s legs and drifted off to sleep with the big hammer resting in his mouth!!!

For the next several weeks thing went along just fine until one day when he and Vince were standing in line for dinner, Billy excitedly pointed out the two pricks that had fucked him in the shower room!!! Vince spoke softly to several of his buddies and nodded towards the two black men on the other side of the room, and after a few minutes of discussion a plan was hatched to get back at the two assailants!!! The two black men were like Batman and Robin, practically never leaving each others side, so it would require at least four of them to make sure they had enough fire power to hold them down while they exacted their revenge!!! For the next couple of weeks they followed the movements of the two assholes, and after charting their routine it was decided to take them down in the laundry room behind the giant dryers that ran twenty four hours a day every day!!! One reason was for the privacy the dryers would afford them, but also the noise from the constantly running machines would drown out any screams the two blacks might be making!!!

Two days later at exactly three thirty Vince and three of his compatriots sprang out of the shadows, and after a brief struggle dragged the two stunned men to the shelter of the laundry room!!! They kicked and fought every inch of the way, but it was to no avail as they were caught in the vise like grip of the four big cons!!! When they were finally out of sight, Vince worked them over with his fists for a few minutes, and after softening them up a bit, shoved them down on the floor where he rammed a single broom handle up one their asses, and after making sure it was securely in place, shoved the other end up inside the other jerk’s straining bung hole!!! While they struggled feebly to free themselves, Vince and Billy wrapped duct tape around their waists and legs, effectively locking them together while still being impaled by the brutal broom handle!!! Laying there on the floor they were bound together like Siamese Twins, but the worst was yet to come as Billy began playing with their big black cocks!!!

The two men fought giving into their desires, but much to their consternation it was inevitable that they would get huge erections from the soft manipulation by Billy’s hands and the insistent feeling of being butt fucked by the hard broom handle!!! For the next hour Billy played and teased the two big cocks, sucking one then the other without letting either of the two studs get their gun!!! Before long they were begging Billy to let them get off, but each time their orgasms approached, he would expertly back off and let the tension in their groins relax just enough to take of the edge!!! While Billy played with their pricks, only a few feet away Vince and his three accomplices had taken off their pants and shorts and were taking turns sucking each others cocks until one at a time they shot huge loads down each others throats!!! Just seeing those big dicks convulsing and shooting large torrents of cum into those hot mouths drove the black studs delirious with desire, a desire that was doomed to unfulfillment!!!

As Vince and his friends recuperated from their cum, they all stood around the two stunned victims, and as Billy joined in, they began rhythmically jerking their dicks in what can only be described as a circle jerk!!! With their eyes glazed over with lust, the two black studs just lay there as they were showered with load after load of hot burning cum while their big cocks just quivered in the air, straining to cum but never quite getting there!!! When Vince and his men were done shooting their loads, they each gave their victims a couple of hard kicks to the ribs and left the poor men taped together and covered with cum, certainly much the worse for wear!!!

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Hentai: [Hana Ni Arashi (SANTOUKA)] Renka-sama, Shitsurei Itashimasu!! [Digital]

Renka-sama, Shitsurei Itashimasu!! 1Renka-sama, Shitsurei Itashimasu!! 2Renka-sama, Shitsurei Itashimasu!! 3Renka-sama, Shitsurei Itashimasu!! 4Renka-sama, Shitsurei Itashimasu!! 5Renka-sama, Shitsurei Itashimasu!! 6Renka-sama, Shitsurei Itashimasu!! 7Renka-sama, Shitsurei Itashimasu!! 8Renka-sama, Shitsurei Itashimasu!! 9Renka-sama, Shitsurei Itashimasu!! 10Renka-sama, Shitsurei Itashimasu!! 11Renka-sama, Shitsurei Itashimasu!! 12Renka-sama, Shitsurei Itashimasu!! 13Renka-sama, Shitsurei Itashimasu!! 14Renka-sama, Shitsurei Itashimasu!! 15Renka-sama, Shitsurei Itashimasu!! 16Renka-sama, Shitsurei Itashimasu!! 17Renka-sama, Shitsurei Itashimasu!! 18

[花に嵐 (サントウカ)]恋花さま、失礼致します!![DL版]

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