Blows Decchi Up 3 – Urusei Yatsura Maison Ikkoku Cut

Blows Decchi Up 3 - Urusei Yatsura Maison Ikkoku Cut

Because only the love of Karajan will satisfy me!

Even if Karajan were not watching—and he is, and were there no camera, and there is, were I to raise this window up without a sound, and creep through, if the vines could hold my limber body on the way down, if they did not break, and were I to race across the overgrown lawn with a whisper, unheard even to my myself—Karajan would hear. Karajan would snatch me down with one hand on my ankle as I surmounted the east stone wall, or before, covering my body with his in the cold frozen wet grass between here and that wall.

Hentai: [Rhein no Mamori Shoukai] Decchi Up 3 (Urusei Yatsura, Maison Ikkoku)

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[ラインの守り商会]デッチアップ3(うる星やつら, めぞん一刻)

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